"Fluid Consistent Solution Partner"

L 'Praline is; for the needs of all sweet sector producers, especially waffles, donuts and packed cookies; it creates harmony with your dough work. This product contains cocoa and hazelnuts and resistant to heat (heat-stable, bake-stable) so also provides solutions to your in-owen works.
Bake stable praline; doesn't flow from your cookies, solidify inside or mix with your products. It keeps the form and its structure.
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Waffle Sauces

There are all kinds of driftable chocolates and flavored varieties (kiwi-banana-raspberry-orange-lemon) that a waffle maker may need is available as standard. Plus, we have special varieties. "Caramel WaffleSos" is our most preferred specialty product. ALL the products package style is in this "Liquid Chocolate" page; 10kg / 20kg bucket as shown below.

Wafer Sauces

The basic process of wafer producers to diversify their portfolio and make their wafers more delicious; to use delicious filling between the wafer layers and/or to cover the outside of the wafer with a crunchy and pleasant taste. In order to perform these operations, the product must be used according to the working principle of the coating or filling machine you have otherwise it will either solidify, not flow or excess liquid will not stay where it should stop. The only way to get the best results is to use the right product.

Ice Cream Coating

This product, which is solidified by touching the cold outer surface of the ice cream, is the main choice of producers because of its instantly crunching structure and its ability to cover more ice cream with less sauce.