“Products Made From Chocolate For Decorating Purpose To Add More Value To Your Cakes”

Decoration products in the pastry sector are generally preferred to COMPOUND all of the products in the direction of your choice COUVERTURE and COUVERACHE is available and they are polished through plus processing. Through this process; it provides a brilliant, shiny image on the outer surface and makes it possible for the products to not deform until you use them. Our company; provides the fastest response to your needs with high-capacity production possibility.


Expand your portfolio with a single product; it is possible to make your pastries look more appealing and to be perceived more tasty by the crispy chocolate structure with soft pastry cream - a first in the world; made from regular square-rectangular chocolate and in the color you like.


These drop-shaped products, which are used for decorative purposes on cakes and cookies, do not leave their oil after baking and keep their shape. It is more aesthetic on the cookie due to its smaller size compared to the market counterparts and due to the dripping method.


Vermicelli; Although it means string noodle with its word meaning, this definition has become universal in chocolate with this shape. This product, which can be defined as chocolate sticks, can also be used for decorating the cake and plastering the edge of the cake; Due to its small-light size and aesthetic appearance, it can be used in much smaller desserts or ice cream decorations.


After the cakes are made, if they are not decorated, they look plain and unpretentious, but most importantly, the cream taste is felt more than it should be. Crumb products; It is in the form of a natural stone, and yet each has a different shape in the range of 2-4mm in size and luminous shine.