½ Covering: In the photo, 1 kg of hazelnuts are covered with 2kg of chocolate.


"Coating ratios can vary according to the customer's request, and it is possible to coat 1/1 or 1/3".

HAZELNUT DRAGEE:The “Hazelnut Drage” which is the result of covering Turkish hazelnuts with ½-order milk chocolate satisfies your special occasions, celebrations or snack expectations.

PISTACHIO DRAGEE: It is usually produced with Bitter or Milk chocolate coating for ½ of the famous Antep Pistachios for in cake use. It is also preferred as a snack by those who love luxury consumption.

DELIGHT DRAGEE:Turkish Delight cooked with whole coffee beans, then cut into cubes and covered with ½ Bitter or Milky chocolate. It has been developed for Café and Restaurant Operations. These are served beside coffee as a catering service. This product is suitable for adults because children hardly like coffee.