“Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food.” (–Michael Levine, professor of molecular biology-nutritional expert)


COUVERTURE : The sentence that best describes a chocolate factory is; “a business that produces chocolate blocks based on different cocoa ratios at certain rates with cacao butter”, and the definition of this chocolate blocks is Couverture.
In order to be able to melt easily when it is intended to be melted “Easy Melt Chocolates”  have begun to be preferred in the market.

CONFECTIONERY: This block chocolate is produced by the preference of hydrogenated vegetable fat. Usually; preferred by the coating makers due to its ability to cool down and become crunchy in a short time plus it is easy to make coatings.

COUVERACHE : It is preferred by pastry producers because you can get “chocolate shavings” for decorating cakes and these shavings taste better due to its chocolate content according to other products used for this purpose and thanks to its coating ability.




Three varieties of couverture, confectionery and couverache chocolates are produced as standard.(Bitter-Milky-Ivory) Varieties with the color and aroma you want are possible (Caramel-Hazelnut). “In which case you need chocolate; you can consult us for the most accurate and convenient solution.”