Easy Melt Chocolates is produced in three form (Bitter / Milky / Ivory) from a variety of block chocolates you choose according to your needs (Couverture / Confectionery / Couverache)

CHOCO NOODLE: This piece of stick-shaped chocolate are not polished. It is preferred to use inside or melt into your pastry and dough works. Produced from the chocolate block that chosen by you. It has high production capacity. It is suitable for use in croissants. Presented as a 1kg bag or 20 kg bulk.

Chocopebbles can be used in or on your products

CHOCO PEBBLE: Both for use in and on pastries, bakeries and for ease of melting. In the desired millimeter range size, the block you chose is broken and polished. You can use it every field even it’s easier to eat like dragee. It is presented as 1 kg bag or 20 kg bulk.