"Good chocolate is a human right that is independent  from level of income"
Quality Raw Materials

In manufacturing enterprises quality begins in raw materials. “Choosing cheap raw materials to reduce costs with commercial purposes always gives damage to companies.” – Fatma Levinler

30 Years Of Experience

A commercial relationship will be established no matter what product and amount you request. It is only possible with experience to be prepared for any problems that may arise in production and to be professional in business relations.

Food Safety

All raw materials, employees, facility and all products produced are certified. All permits have been taken. All product analysis documents and specifications are sent in line with your request.

Range Of Products

4000 Years Of Taste!

The history of chocolate dates back to 4000 years ago. Mayans believe in the “Cocoa God”; worshiped him for happiness and peace. To reach the present day chocolates that given wars for the sake of time and only accessible to the kings, nobles, soldiers and religious men; technological developments and the increase of cocoa cultivated areas making it much easier.

A lot of commercial factories that supply this chocolate demand have been established. When the competition element became operational, AR-GEs strengthened and with more effective ingredients and more economical raw material; cheaper chocolates were produced and marketed.

Levin Çikolata is a respected company that defends “Quality For All” has not changed recipes since its establishment due to economic reasons. “Levin makes it possible for everyone to reach the REAL chocolate”